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Seamless Steel PipeMORE+

ND steel 09CrCuSb 40*1.5 ultra-thin seamless steel tube , resistant to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion seamless steel tube,Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel tube,Save gas steel pipe, air pre - heating steel pipe

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Product details:

Origin: China

Brand: gangyu pipeline

Certification: MTC/COC/ISO

Specification: 40 * 1.5

Minimum order quantity: 5 tons

Price: negotiation

Packing: bundling

Delivery date: 30 days after payment

Payment: L/C, T/T

Supply capacity: 10,000 tons/month

Name: alloy tube end: flat end

Material: 09CrCuSb

Production process: cold-drawn thickness: 1.5

Standard: ASME/GB/EN/JIS/IS size: 40*1.5

Seamless steel tube


English Chinese

Outer diameter


The thickness of the


Outer diameter


The thickness of the


1/2 -5 sch40-xxs 25-610 4-80

Length 2m - 12.5m according to customer requirements



China, America and Germany

Steel tube type

American standard seamless steel tube


Nominal diameter 1/4 "to 24" outside diameter 13.7 mm to 609.6 mm


API5L, ASTM A106 gr. B, ASTM A53 gr. B, ASTM A179/A192/A213/ a210/370 WP91, WP11,WP22 gb5310-2009, gb3087-2008, gb6479-2013, gb9948-2013,GB/ t8163-2008, gb8162-2008,GB/ t17396-2009


API5L ISO 9001:2008 TUV SGS BV etc

The thickness of the

SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, STD, SCH40, SCH60, SCH80, SCH100 SCH120, SCH160, XS, XXS


Carbon steel, steel, stainless steel


Loosely packed in bundles (up to 3 tons), strapping pipes with two slings at each end for ease of handling and a plastic cover at the end

Surface treatment

Black paint anticorrosion


Standard marking, or according to your requirements.Marking method: spray white paint


Flat end below 2 inches.Chamfering 2 inches and above.

The length of the

Single random length and double random length.

SRL: 3m-5.8m DRL: 10-11.8m according to customer requirements

Delivery date

10 to 40 days


T/t, l/c at sight


1. Fluid tube 2.Power plant 3.Structural tube 4.High and low pressure boiler tube 5.Seamless ducting for petroleum cracking 7.Scaffolding, piping, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, etc.

The main market

Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, etc.

It is mainly used for

Economized gas, air preheater, heat exchanger and evaporator in high sulfur flue gas are used to resist condensation corrosion of sulfur flue gas.Excellent resistance to sulfur ions, hydrochloric acid and other acid corrosion.Spiral groove tube is a high efficiency, economic, mature heat transfer element, has been widely used in a variety of boiler air preheater products.The helical groove tube USES the inner wall of the lotus root joint and the helical groove to conduct the flow, so as to forcibly disturb the working medium inside the tube, thus improving the heat transfer efficiency.The heat transfer coefficient of spiral grooved tube can reach 1.25 times that of light tube of the same diameter. The use of spiral grooved tube can improve the efficiency of heat exchange equipment, reduce the consumption of steel tube and reduce the space occupied by heat exchange equipment, which has good economy and reliability.

Execution standard

A.Finished product implementation standard:

1. Direct high-frequency welded steel pipe: GB/ t13793-92

2. Seamless steel tube of structure: GB/ t8162-2008

3. Acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel tube: gb2102-88

2.Material standard:

1. Corten-a: gb4171-84

2. ND steel tube (09CrCuSb: 09 chrome-cop-antimony) : gb150-98 GB/T6728

3. Spiral grooved pipe: gb3087-82 or dg1017-94 as industry standard

A.About ND steel "brief introduction:

Mainly used for: economizer, air preheater, heat exchanger and evaporator in high-sulfur flue gas to resist condensation corrosion of sulfur-containing flue gas.Excellent resistance to sulfur ions, hydrochloric acid and other acid corrosion.

ND steel at home and abroad is the most ideal "sulfuric acid at low temperature dew point corrosion resistant steel, 09 crcusb (ND) steel steel seamless tube/plate main appraisal index (50% of the 70 ° - H2SO4 solution soak for 24 hours) corrosion rate is not more than 14 mg/cm h., and carbon steel, Japan's imports of similar compared to steel, stainless steel corrosion resistant ability to teach, is 1.84 times that of Japan CR1R steel 1 cr18ni9 steel is 2.97 times, 8.63 times that of Corten steel, 14.11 times that of Q235B steel.

Crcusb (ND steel) steel is based on boilers;Electric furnace for the purpose of heat exchange, smoke pipe, chimney, etc. Developed with excellent resistance to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion of hot rolled steel plate, steel pipe.Its superior sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistance performance and very high cost performance, is completely can replace stainless steel, beyond stainless steel (in sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistance) the best material, ND steel has great economic significance, in line with today's efficient, longevity, energy conservation, environmental protection and other "green" concept and national development policy guidance.

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