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Industry: green plastic pipe market will accept market favour in the future

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After years of practice, plastic pipe with light weight, convenient installation, high crushing strength, small flow resistance, energy saving energy, health, safety, long life and other advantages, has been widely used in the field of water supply and drainage, gas, etc."Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning and sponge urban construction, urban underground pipe rack, prefabricated building such as tightening of housing industrialization, the use of plastic piping equipment will grow steadily.With the continuous improvement of people's living quality, health and safety has been the subject of most modern people focus on the future green plastic pipe market will accept market favour.
At present, the plastic pipe market competition is intense, with the size of more than 3000 enterprises, annual production capacity of 15 million tons, output ranked first in the world.Among them, the annual capacity 100000 tons of enterprise has more than 20, with an annual output of 10000 tons of can the enterprise has more than 300.In general, plastic piping and equipment level in our country is poorer, small production line, production of small, low quality, heavy pollution.
As the supply side of structural reform deepening, environmental policy pressure, plastic pipe industry is faced with optimize the industrial structure, optimize the quality of the products.Liansu industry, the ZhongCai, wei magnitude well-known large plastic pipe enterprises, to constantly upgrade production technology and the use of new materials, become a green plastic pipe, benchmarking in high-grade brand of enterprise development.Many plastic pipe enterprise brand awareness has been rising, environmental protection and production optimization in this round of dual driven, successful transformation and upgrading of enterprises are the main force of the future market can.
So, for nearly a year, plastic pipe industry brand building?How to judge the green brand can again?
China procurement and bidding nets, China was known network in order to "quality brand smart" as the theme, organized to carry out the "2017 the ninth China plastic pipe public bidding evaluation promotional activities", based on the bidding big data, through to the eligible enterprise green brand consumption concept, green institutional innovation, green products, technology research and development aspects of research, review, combining the evaluation opinions of experts and eventually produce "2017 China green plastic pipe ten big brands" list.
It is understood that in the activities of the plastic pipe public bidding evaluation scale of 180 enterprises, attracted 5.51 million visitors browsing, the effective votes of 1.67 million people.Shortlisted for the enterprise will also be included in the 2018 "China bidding procurement catalogue of optimal show supplier recommended sixth volume, unit recommendation to the project owner.
Add: 2017 China green plastic pipe ten big brand list
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