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Coated type gas pipeline with three-layer PE anticorrosive steel manufacturers

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Jiangsu Gangyu Pipeline Equipment Co.,Ltdis by the state administration for industry and commerce for examination and approval for the record, set up a high-tech private company.Jiangsu Gangyu Pipeline Equipment Co.,Ltd after years of practice and development research, has formed a professional engaged in the pipeline corrosion science and technology enterprises, is also a collection of production is a body comprehensive enterprise.Companies committed to the oil refinery, oil, chemical fertilizers, chemical, metallurgical industries such as pipeline corrosion.Using my company construction of pipeline anticorrosion technology has excellent high temperature resistant, resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, solvent, corrosion performance, it has excellent chemical stability, good thermal conductivity, so as to prolong the service life of the equipment, save a lot of financial and material resources consumption, is essential for refining, metallurgical industry production.Our company produces various types of industrial cleaning agents, small smell, no contaminate, no corrosion, is widely used in practice.

Jiangsu Gangyu Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd   Address : Room 312,No.32-1,Chengnan Road ,Xinwu District ,Wuxi City Jiangsu Province,China  Worktime :8:00-17:00(Beijing time) 

Business Phone : 86--13906182496(Nonworking time)  Contact Person :Mr. SHAO FANG YUAN