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Expert: oil and gas pipelines and equipment localization need to build knowledge system of science and technology

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Expert: oil and gas pipelines and equipment localization to attaches great importance to the knowledge of science and technology system
Xinhuanet Beijing on December 24 (reporter Cao Ying) "only through a standard set up and research, is likely to get our own equipment technology system.This is also our science and technology system of short board."At last Saturday China petroleum (8.80, 0.02, 0.23%) of oil and gas pipeline key equipment and materials based work
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Propulsion conference, oil and gas pipeline experts, vice President of China national petroleum co., LTD. Stevie hoang and technical standards, for example, pointed out that in realization of oil and gas pipelines and equipment localization in the process of establishing the importance of the knowledge system of science and technology.
China's oil is put forward, by the end of the 12th five-year localization of oil and gas pipelines and equipment to achieve full coverage on equipment types."Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" at the end of the implementation of oil and gas pipeline equipment localization of 100%.Stevie hoang and think, to achieve 100% oil and gas pipelines and equipment localization in the next seven or eight years, the first thing to form their own equipment science and technology knowledge.Although the part of the enterprise equipment work has made some achievements, but on the whole matching technology is still not perfect.The current top priority is to form oil and gas pipelines localization work supporting the application of technology and knowledge system, such as laboratory and testing equipment, at the same time to establish independent intellectual property rights, including standard and proprietary technology and supporting technology, patent, etc.
"Another twenty or thirty years, I hope that the international recognition of oil and gas pipeline standards there are Chinese people in the development."Stevie hoang and said the localization of knowledge system for the construction of the science and technology, oil and gas pipelines in the following five aspects: one is the losing of oil and gas technology system;Second, the oil and gas storage system;Three is system engineering construction technology;Four is operation maintenance technology system;5 it is equipped with technical knowledge.
Promote the localization of oil and gas pipelines, he thought, the construction of knowledge system of science and technology, to do a good job of the five.First, we should adhere to the oil and gas pipelines "1 + N" mode of collaborative innovation, together with all the related industries and enterprises innovation;Second, aiming at the engineering application, the major science and technology projects of the subjects of research and application of unity for the principle, set up each unit the leadership responsibility system;Third, we should based on the special subject, for major technological breakthrough, access to the core technology, set up sustainable localization technology research of mechanism and system;Fourth, we should establish localization application service support system, synchronous solve localization of equipment maintenance maintenance and accessories development, forming a continuous support localization work maintenance guarantee for normal operation of the team;Fifth, to make up my mind to cultivate excellent technical personnel, form the pipeline and equipment localization experts team.

Jiangsu Gangyu Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd   Address : Room 312,No.32-1,Chengnan Road ,Xinwu District ,Wuxi City Jiangsu Province,China  Worktime :8:00-17:00(Beijing time) 

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