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Elbow fitting producing process:

Select material (we preferred baosteel, tianjin TPCO, smoke treasure, baotou steel, Chang Bao, CRC steel raw materials, such as requirements within the outer diameter is smooth, uniform wall thickness, selection of high manganese steel pipe to ensure that products beautiful) - material inspection (measurement, chemical composition inspection) - storage - material cutting (leave enough machining allowance, removing iron and burr) - intermediate frequency heater variable diameter and bending forming (mold push every 48 hours after grinding, ensure dimensional tolerance control) - heat treatment (tempering process) - end processing (37.5 + - 0.25) bevel Angle - visual inspection (appearance without injury, peeling,Pockmark) - chemical composition analysis (imported hand-held spectrometer) - dimensional inspection (outer diameter, wall thickness, ovality, straightness) - mechanical performance test (squashed, flaring) - sand (fine sand in order to ensure that the surface pitting not too - spray paint (environmental protection coating equipment coating surface evenly) - printing (code printer code on a black, white, bright font) - packing (fixed wooden cases or pallet packaging, packaging tapes, plastic film outside package water-proof, dust) - product check (forklift trucks, lifting transport, light with light, neat)

Material - choosing - Material inspecting - Entering warehouse - Material cutting - Intermediate frequency heater variable diameter and bending - Shaping - Heat treatment - Ends machining - Visual inspection - Chemical composition analysis - Dimensions inspection - Mechanical performances testing - Sand blasting - Painting - Stenciling - Packing - Product checking - Shipping



To conform to the requirement of the times and to hold the products quality, our company owns perfect checking apparatus of ect detector, ultrasonic crack detector and x-ray crack detector, and advanced cracking facilities of photoelectric spectrograph, material testing machine and fuzzy temperature-controller, to ensure the perfect quality.


Jiangsu Gangyu Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd   Address : Room 312,No.32-1,Chengnan Road ,Xinwu District ,Wuxi City Jiangsu Province,China  Worktime :8:00-17:00(Beijing time) 

Business Phone : 86--13906182496(Nonworking time)  Contact Person :Mr. SHAO FANG YUAN